New Eco-Drive 365 models with innovative new designs
Series 8 New 880 mechanical model with GMT function
Series 8 New limited-edition 880 mechanical model with GMT function inspired by autumn hues in Japan
CITIZEN introduces the new NY012 series of diving watches
CITIZEN collaborates with PANTONE in a new collection titled Nowstalgia “A New Spirit”
CITIZEN PROMASTER UNITE with BLUE limited edition inspired by the beautiful oceans
Citizen L - New models featuring May bells, flowers that symbolise happiness
CITIZEN presents new ladies Mechanical timepiece inspired by the moon
CITIZEN introduces 3 new Eco-Drive Diver 200m models based on the iconic 1982 Professional Diver.
CITIZEN launches a new 500 piece Asia Limited Edition PROMASTER Mechanical Diver 200m
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of CITIZENʼs brand of sustainable watches
CITIZEN PROMASTER New models to help you discover your "moment of adventure"


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